WEBTOONS Version UP! (re-drawn pages!)

Happy 2018!
I bring you some interesting news!

Starting this year, I’ll be joining WEBTOONS to publish my webcomic.
The first chapter is being redrawn to improve the quality as well as adjusting the format required for this new platform.
I’ll be also drawing the newest chapter’s pages, so do not worry about that 
You’ll be also able to read the “old” pages in my official website:

I’ll be uploading way more pages per month, with WEBTOONS you’ll be able to receive alerts
directly to your phone, tablet or e-mail every time I publish new pages. You will be required to make a free WEBTOONS account to gain access to the comic.

For the moment being, I’ll be able to publish only in English. The Spanish version(and possibly more languages) will be unlocked with the help of Patreon goals…this will help me get free time to make the different language editions 

I’ll also be adopting the Patreon method, by suscription.The more support I can get, the more pages I will be able to upload…8 panels a month is too little, the world changes
fast and this project is expected to have a long run, hahah.
With your support, I will be able to offer 15,25,40 or even 80 panels per month, animations, video and much more!
The Patrons who provide support will be able to vote to choose the themes for monthly illustrations (which can be complimentary to the comic, they can also be unrelated to the project, you will pick it with a poll I’ll be posting on each update.
You can also get access to behind-the scenes, cultural reference explanations, concept art, prototypes and more!
There will be also special VIP access for patrons who pledge the highest tiers, they will receive customized drawings of their choosing, apart from the poll-voted themed drawings.

Thanks so much for reading, See you there!



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