Cyborg Kale

By Rocio Zapata

Cultural notes for episode 26

This week’s episode was filled with cultural references!

Here’s the actual Mexican pastry that is served at the café where Kale’s sister, Fannia, is currently at.
“Pan de Dulce” (lit. tr. “Sweet Bread”, baked goods) are a staple in everyday Mexican life, and each piece has a distinctive flavor and texture.

Recently this year, a hybrid pastry created by accident, became a viral sensation: the owner of a small barrio-style bakery decided to put some remnant “concha” mix into a mantecada pan and this was the result.
Soon after, it inspired more crazy combinations like donut+concha,  piglet+concha, pan de muerto+concha and so and so on.

As for the café itself, it was inspired by this actual restaurant/Art Gallery (Photo from their Facebook page):

Yelp Location and more Photos

Facebook Page

Armando Munoz Garcia is the sculptor and designer of these houses.
Personally, I love unusual architecture, so now that I had the freedom to work on my own project, I wanted to make a small homage to these beautiful works of art.

The original Mermaid restaurant is located near the beach in Puerto Nuevo, Tijuana. My homage version  is located in a wealthy zone of a small fictional town located in the Sierra/Desert, North of Mexico. I also picked it up because along with the manteconcha, mermaids are a really popular with young Mexican women this year.


Other works by Mr. Munoz

Google Maps Location