Cyborg Kale

By Rocio Zapata

Happy Holidays! +Cultural notes for December

Chibi Alien and Kale

I had these prepared a couple of weeks in advance, hahah!. I’ve been visiting friends and family these days, specially the ones that came from other countries, their time here is precious. I keep stretching the upload date of chapter 2 as besides being a technically complex one to draw, holidays also get in the way, my apologies for that! Going slowly but surely.
Back to the picture!
Alien girl has a Poinsettia( Euphorbiapulcherrima ) adorning her head. In Mexico, this flower is called “Nochebuena” in Spanish and the word literally refers to the night of Christmas Eve. It is indigenous plant to Mexico and a very popular ornamental flower. These have been used since the time of the Aztec empire but it was the Franciscan monks who came with the colonizers, the ones who gave them a religious attribution.
Chibi Kale is holding a classic Mexican Christmas piñata.
These types of piñatas are shaped like a star and have 7 spikes that represent the seven deadly sins. Facing the piñata symbolizes the struggle of man vs the devil’s temptation, being blindfolded means that “your faith to god must be blind”, and the candy that comes out is your reward from heaven. It is a tradition that comes from the Christian religion. I’m not religious myself, but it’s cool to know where things and their meanings come from, plus it is always a good opportunity to have fun and good times with friends and family, hahah.

These are traditional Mexican Christmas candy known as “Colación” , they are made almost exactly like Japanese Konpeito but much larger, and they have an anise seed in the core. Also, my cat just photobombed.
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