About this comic:

Originally, this comic started in 1997-ish as a school homework, pre-internet era in Mexico, for Spanish classes, on the “Comics” subject. It was a super-short lesson, but it felt like heaven.

This project is a “remake”

The original version was a one-shot. This one is much longer and with several arcs prepared.

As time went on, I modified some characters, added some others from previous fiction works, plus updated it to go along with current technology, but the essence remains the same: A boy gets a new life as a cyborg, but not in the way you think…

A lot of comedy, and also action. And aliens. And Monsters. 🙂

It represents everything I loved (and still do) while growing up <3


The creator:

Rocio Zapata





Thank you for your help! <3 This webcomic adventure will be so much fun

Sam Bulle: Social media manager, english page.

Isha Quetzal: English version editor+translator

BlueValkyrie: Flats assistance